Climate Scientists Struggle for Consensus
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  • rheddles

    Time for the IPCC to just fade away.

  • ColoComment

    “These reports have always been at least as political as they are scientific.”

    And, they rely on models based on data that may, or may not, or some may and some may not, be accurate historical measurements.

    Smoke and mirrors. Show the raw data, show your work, and maybe your conclusions will be treated as serious. Until then, it’s all smoke and mirrors & doesn’t warrant the attention it’s gotten, thanks to the political and activist spongers.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “These reports have always been at least as political as they are scientific.”

    There is no place for politics in scientific endevors. The Truth is the Truth, and the rigorous use of the scientific method reveals the Truth. Politics can only negatively affect mankind’s effort at seeking the Truth.

  • Columbo1

    The reason that there is no consensus is because there has been no warming in the last 16 years rendering everyone of the myriad of IPCC climate models bereft of any predictive value. Meanwhile, media reports on the topic have returned to the level they were in 2004 and Al Gore has lost 90% of his staff and about 75% of his funding. The data is screaming that this more about just man-made CO2

    • Corlyss

      Maybe it is the hour before dawn in America.

  • Corlyss

    Okay. Now I think I’ve entered a parallel universe with this report from the NYT:

    “SACRAMENTO — A landmark law that has been a symbol of California’s tough environmental philosophy for more than 40 years is facing an unlikely challenge from Democrats, including Gov. Jerry Brown, who contend that regulations protecting the environment have been abused and are thwarting legitimate development.”

    Gov. Moonbeam speaks of rewriting the law as “the Lord’s Work.” To quote Chris Stevens, things like this “make me doubt my conception of reality.”

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