Has the Goracle Lost His Voice?
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  • wigwag

    Gore just sold his cable channel, Current TV, for tens of millions of dollars to Al Jazeera. I’m sure he’s not happy being out of the public eye but at least he can drown his tears in bucket fulls of money.

  • Andrew Allison

    Could the fact that 5-year average global temperature peaked in 2005 and that despite a 35% increase in anthropomorphic emissions since 1997 average temperature has been trending down since then have anything to do with the loss of interest in what Gore has to say? The increasingly desperate efforts of AGW alarmists to find some explanation for the utter failure of their predictions is not a pretty sight.

    The highly inconvenient truth is that other than an increase in global temperature there have been no statistically significant changes in climate during the past century, and the increased CO2 is resulting in increased growth of vegetation.

  • CRaP – best acronym since Committee to RE-Elect the President…

  • Pete

    It is sickening to think how much money Al Gore has cost society.

  • ljgude

    I am sitting here in Australia on election day waiting to see if Tony Abbott will unseat Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd. What most American wont know is that Abbott became leader of Liberal Party (the more conservative in party in Australia) shortly after the first batch climategate emails were released into the wild. The then leader of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull was unseated on Dec 1 2009 by Tony Abbott in the midst of a split in the party of Turnbull’s decision to support Rudd’s Carbon Tax bill. Many of us noticed that the first round of Climategate emails had surfaced in November of that year. Unfortunately Tony Abbott is too much like Rick Santorum for my taste but, even though it is not mentioned in polite company, it is pretty clear that many Australians realized that climate academics were a corrupt and conniving bunch of political activists. And that the Liberal Party changed leaders to protect itself from supporting a dubious policy.

  • Twigletmaniac

    Can you imagine if he had become president! Talk about close calls. South park had him nailed. Man Bear Pig!

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