Rhode Island Bets on Young Entrepreneurs
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  • jeburke

    Rhode Island ought to be a boom state with its mild weather, splendid coast line and proximity to Cape Cod, smallish but urbane capital city, and one of the nation’s major universities, all contained within a state small enough to be smartly managed by even the moderately competent while also making democratic responsiveness easy. That it is not is one of the most compelling indictments of the Blue Model, far more than the failure of such benighted places as Detroit.

  • Corlyss

  • Pete

    Isn’t this merely a temporary transferal of debt from the kiddies to the state which itself is bankrupt?

    And what difference can a deferral of $100 a month for two years make to a start up effort? Answer — little to none.

    And what businesses are the kiddies suppose to start — a pizza delivery service, a travel agency, a bicycle shop, an art shop, dance studio, etc?

    And by the way, none of these in-and-of themselves are examples of entrepreneurship per Peter Drucker.

    If Rhode Island was serious about jobs, the state would cut it onerous regulations and high taxes and also pass right-to-work legislation.

    Such actions would energize the real entrepreneurs to create and/or bring jobs into Rhode Island, many of which the kiddies could land, and thus pay off their debts.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This is just another big government program designed to provide jobs for the bureaucrats running the program, it will hurt citizens and already struggling businesses from the increased government burden, more than it will help entrepreneurs and students saddled with debt.

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