China to Japan: Negotiate? Nah.
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  • J R Yankovic

    Ah, again those clever mainland Chinese. Is there any challenge they’re not up to? Nothing if not bold and hard-bargaining, those (pseudo)post-Maoists.

    So now tell me, do you think it might be time for a unique sort of retrospective essay? One – covering, say, the past 20 or so years – that actually explores the role even a few Americans, along with other progress-and-efficiency-minded Westerners, might have played in this rather sorely overinflated confidence?

    Seriously, if you guys aren’t up to the task, who is?

  • Jim__L

    So China is encouraging actions on Japan’s part.

    When Japan acts to boost its defense spending, establish anti-China alliances in the region, and excise the pacifist clauses from its constitution, what are the Chinese going to do?

    • Tim Godfrey

      The ‘actions’ that China expects is that the Japanese hand over the islands to China. Why should Japan do that?

      The suggestion that China is being reasonable in this dispute is laughable. Japan is responding in the only way possible because experience of Viet Nam and Philippines shows that China will simply move troops in and annex territory it wants if it does not face a credible military opposition.

      • Jim__L

        I didn’t mean to imply that China’s actions here are reasonable. In fact, the consequences I cited were, if anything, evidence that China has either not thought through its belligerent moves, or has and doesn’t care that those actions are going to militarize its neighbors. I’m not sure either one qualifies as “reasonable”.

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