Businesses Turn Against UK Train Boondoggle
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  • Corlyss

    I get it that people in Birmingham might want to go to London, but what’s in Birmingham that Londoners would want to go to? This nostalgia for train systems thoughtlessly abandoned 50 years ago in favor of cars is curious.

    • Andrew Allison

      I must protest! LOL
      First, as the post makes clear, neither the HS2 nor the CA superboondoggle have anything to do with the people who might conceivably use they trains (not that the latter have turned against the idea). Both are products of governments which owe more to special interests than to those they supposedly represent.
      To your first point, you might as well ask why anybody would want to go from NYC to the mid-West? Answer: the financial centers are not co-located with the manufacturing centers. The Midlands have been where stuff gets made in the UK since the Industrial Revolution.
      To your second point, it’s a matter of population density. If you live within easy reach of an intercity train, e.g., Greater London or the Midlands, trains make sense. If you live in sprawling metro areas like LA and the SF Bay Area, where the commute to/from the train may be as long as the train journey, they don’t.

      • Corlyss

        LOL. Okay. Pace, Andrew.
        Maybe there is something interesting in Birmingham, a museum to the science of the enlightenment, maybe?

        • Andrew Allison

          I fear that you may have missed my point, namely that masters of the universe make their obscene salaries and bonuses from people who actually make things. I must hasten to add that there’s nothing intrinsically bad about that, but we should keep in mind that producing goods rather that financial instruments is what makes the world goes around. ;<)

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “If nothing else, hopefully the mounting discontent with train spending in the UK and California will discourage future political leaders from pursuing similarly wasteful and myopic projects—though we wouldn’t bet on it.”

    This I agree with, Politician’s bloated egos make them think they are smarter than the markets and business men. So they will continue to generate these wasteful multi-billion dollar projects for self aggrandizement, and the vast opportunities for graft.

  • Loire

    If 3D printing locations become the new manufacturing sites, won’t railroads simply be shipping more raw materials rather than finished goods?

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