Egyptians Have Misconceptions, Too
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  • johngbarker

    Do you mean that “there is no global conspiracy against Egypt” is a misconception?

  • lukelea

    The Muslim Brotherhood has 80,000 members? I assumed it was much larger.

    • ljgude

      Yeah I had assumed it was much larger too lukelea. The free for all in Syria has already killed about 100,000 according to reports. According to Iraq Body Count about 125.000 Iraqis were killed during US involvement in Iraq. To the extent that all three are civil wars, albeit with clear differences, the kind of death toll they are likely to achieve may be similar in the end. None of them are finished. I’m thinking of the 30 Years War which made this kind of sectarian war in Europe unfashionable. It ended in 1648 and killed between 3 and 11 million according to Wikipedia. After the treaty of Westphalia in 1688 the west largely stopped making mass killing over religious differences such a priority as the ME does today. We may be about a decade into such a period in the Middle East. Famine was a major killer in the 30 Years War and both Egypt and Syria are agriculturally in serious trouble. Modern medicines will probably keep the pestilence down, and it is more difficult to starve large numbers of people in todays world of grain surpluses, airplanes and do gooders. So the arc of history, as our president likes to call it, may follow quite a different path. Killing the MB off is a small task in this environment compared to, say, eliminating the 5 to 15 million Copts in Egypt – from wikipedia again.

  • wigwag

    Whatever Mr. Salem may believe, much of the international media and a substantial portion of the American media is in the Muslim Brotherhood’s pocket.

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