China Retaliates Against Japan with Live Fire Naval Exercises
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Let’s face facts, it’s Chinese beligerence and territorial ambition that is driving any resurgence in Japanese militarism (as in all of asia). Japan’s economy has been suffering from deflation for over 20 years and the Japanese would prefer not to have to pay for an expensive new military force powerful enough to face down the militant Chinese.

  • James Jones

    I agree with your point that it is Chinese policies and actions that are primarily driving the rearmament of E. Asia. I say primarily because we also need to remember that N. Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and long range missiles is also pushing Japan (and S. Korea) to rearm.
    One thing odd about the article is the focus on the “live fire exercises” as an example of China’s aggressive intent. Any military force that is worth having engages in live fire exercises on a regular basis to maintain combat proficiency. Simulations are no substitute for actually engaging (and hitting) physical targets under real world conditions.

  • That ship looks like a mothballed ship. If it isn’t, it definitely needs a few months in drydock.

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