1000 Reasons to Dodge the Obamacare Tax
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    What if everyone just decides they would rather go to jail than continue to be robbed by Big Government?

  • Boritz

    If a health care system is administered as if the administrators care more about police powers than about health care should the discussion at some point focus on the exercise of power as the main story?

  • Rich K

    Exactly WHAT reasons are there to comply? The law has no enforcement provision except what the IRS is trying to end run around with regs which take the effect of a law. If a person does their taxes returns efficiently and has no refund coming the IRS will have nothing to confiscate in order to collect said penalty because they are not allowed to charge penalties and fees in order to collect it.Any single person who plays along is just a fool or actually needs health insurance because this penalty scam is a joke.

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