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  • I continue to be amused by those who seem to think that Obama’s foreign policy, like his domestic economic policies, are “failures”, and who wonder if and when (and how) he will alter them to achieve “success”. Obama’s policies are WORKING FOR HIM. The failure is the inability of pundits to recognize that what have always been considered America’s goals, are, indeed, Obama’s goals. They are not. He was not kidding when he spoke in early January 2009 of “fundamentally transforming America.” For example: Were Obama to put in place growth policies, which are by definition capi9talist policies, for the economic recovery of America, though they would work as they always have, doing so would be ideologically foreign to him: It would prove that capitalism works. Obama will NEVER allow that to happen. It disturbs that Dr Meade is unable to think outside the box on this…

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