Twenty-First Century Tammany Hall
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  • Thirdsyphon

    As unseemly as it is for a public figure to be so deeply involved in a for-profit enterprise, what I’m not hearing is how Cory Booker’s internet startup is picking the pockets of Newark’s taxpayers or why Terry McAuliffe’s failed business venture in Mississippi sounds arguably worse, but it still doesn’t fall below the admittedly dismally low standards set by candidates in the past.

    At this stage in the run-up to the 2008 campaign, Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with his scandal-plagued outfit Giuliani Partners was getting the same genteel lack of serious attention from the press (not even his subsequent attempt to get his crony Bernard Kerik appointed as head of Homeland Security drew any real attention, notwithstanding his obvious business motives in doing so ; and Dick Cheney’s equally smelly relationship with Halliburton was barely touched upon in the 2000 election cycle. Of course, both of those candidates were Republicans, and had nothing to do with the environmental lobby or the tech sector, so they’re not a favorite stalking-horse here, but it’s still passing strange to see this kind of indecorous conduct presented as if it were a Democratic Party exclusive.

    • bpuharic

      I happened to be listening (shudder) to…gulp…Rush (PBUH) today…he was droning on and on about how socialism in the Democratic party leads to corruption. As you point out, it’s hardly unique. But it’s becoming a meme among conservative that corruption is SOLELY part of liberal democrats

  • Pete

    Cory Booker should be okay in NJ as that state has a habit electing corrupt & totally unethical Democrats to high office.

    Examples include: little Jimmy McGreevy, Jon Corzine, Robert Torricelli, and current U.S. Senator, Robert Mendez.

    Current governor, Chris Christie, is an anomaly for NJ.

    • bpuharic

      How about that corrupt crony capitalist, the democratic gov of TX, Rick Perry…


  • Anthony

    “It is because the position he occupies under oath, transcending in importance that of the physician-surgeon, that one hold him (office holder or candidate), after everything has been said on all sides, to the strictest accounting.”

    Booker and McAuliffe MSM reports are troubling but not surprising in American political context; though 21st century tech cover provides up to date aura behavior quite common for up from the soil purchaseable men. Moverover, difficult though it is to build a fortune by engaging in new business ventures among established tech giants, there is obviously a wide open road to wealth if one knows how to worm one’s way into American electoral politics.

    An addendum: this behavior is not red, blue, democrat, republican but conditioned by system and public inclined to elect…

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