Arnold’s Left Turn on Green
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  • Andrew Allison

    In a fuzzy, poorly considered, critique, VM demonstrates utter confusion regarding former-Governor Schwarzenegger. He’s no longer the Governor, and will never be the ex-Gubernator. Furthermore, he is right in pointing out that climate change ” is a political buzzword that either excites or enrages.” VM can do better than this.

    • Marty Keller

      “I wish it was the same in the US, where any conversation about energy
      policy starts and ends with climate change. It is a political buzzword
      that either excites or enrages. It is time to move forward for other
      reasons, for the reasons Europe and an oil-exporting African nation are
      moving forward.” Actually, Schwarzenegger is describing California after he signed AB 32, relegating the state to perpetual higher energy costs and lower economic growth. Mr. Allison seems unable to appreciate WRM’s irony in quoting Arnold’s unselfconscious whining about the very buzzwords he himself threw around so casually in his glory days in Sacramento.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Politicians and Government are incompetent at making economic policy and should butt out.

  • gwvanderleun

    Nobody any longer cares what this bozo thinks or says. He had his chance, a big chance, and he blew it. Adios, baby.

  • tarentius

    What Alex Rodriguez has become to baseball, so has Arnold Schwarzenegger become to public policy. Two dope heads.

  • Bruce

    “European energy policy is a dismal wasteland of crony capitalism and flawed initiatives — so much so that after spending billions of euros, the EU can’t match American success in carbon reduction and is importing American coal.” Nicely stated, Dr. Mead. If one of your new interns wrote this, give them a raise! If you wrote it, give yourself one. That said, it would be a very good thing if alternate energy could be discovered that is cost effective and clean. If it happens, it will come from the private sector, not buffoonish bureaucrats in Brussels. The bureaucrats are better at mouthing platitudes than the private sector, but have very little success in formulating and implementing successful policies. Arnold likes platitudes and takes them seriously. BTW, Arnold tried in California, but when the unions destroyed his initiatives, it was lights out for any chance of reform.

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