Look Out Harvard: You’ve Got Some Competition
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Education Bubble is bursting, I love this competition to pick up the pieces, and I look forward to seeing how the whole thing falls out.

  • lukelea

    Good luck with that! I’d like to see some of America’s newly minted multi-billionaires endowing new elite colleges and universities with real campuses and dorms. Campuses and dorms are not the source of our problems.

  • Jim__L

    Having them cycle through about a dozen different locations within the US would provide a more relevant and more well-rounded education. These locations cannot be limited to big cities; one big city is very like another. A mix of rural, suburban, and urban environments would be best.

    Here are some I’d recommend:

    – Pacific Northwest (within the redwoods)
    – Pacific Southwest (south of the redwoods)
    – Northern Rockies
    – Southern Rockies
    – Northern Plains
    – Southern Plains
    – Great Lakes
    – Old Midwest
    – Deep South
    – New England
    – Eastern Seaboard

    The cultures, outlook, and environment of these places is vastly different, and would give students a far better grip on America’s diversity than any color- or gender-coded “studies” curriculum.

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