NYT Sells Globe, Keeps Pensions Liability
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  • Pete

    Yet another blow to the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

    And the saps at the New York Times have to swallow the pension liabilities. Love it!

    • Jeff Jones

      Yeah, there is definitely schadenfreude at seeing NYT staff losing pensions, especially after they put out that video whining about it. I mean, they deserve better than all of us other private sector types, right.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    And yet Fox News and Talk radio are doing well, and people trust them. People are becoming more and more aware of the volume of spinning, unreported news, and outright lying the MSM is responsible for.

    • bpuharic

      People don’t trust Fox. Right wingers do

      There’s a difference

      • Tom

        Thanks for showing your true colors.

  • cubanbob

    Considering the NYT took a billion dollars of 1994 dollars and turned it into seventy million 2013 dollars and still has a pension liability makes me wonder why anyone would take them seriously about anything. As for Time-Warner and CBS, I don’t care for either but since Time-Warner has a legal monopoly it should be forced to carry the network. If the republican’s had any sense they should propose legislation to unbundle cable. Let the customer pick and choose which chanel they want and only pay for those they wish to pay for and allow the customer to only elect for Internet or phone service if that is all they want.

  • cubanbob

    An aside on the NYT sale of The Boston Globe, why would they turn down an offer of three hundred million plus getting getting rid of the Globe’s pension liabilities and take a seventy million cash deal but keeping the pension obligation. Strange indeed.

  • ljgude

    Put it this way, the NY Times placed Abu Ghraib above the fold for over a month, if memory serves. Benghazi is at least as emblematic of policy failure and involved actual bodies including a US ambassador, but show no similar zeal to get at what happened. What difference does it make? Answer: decreased circulation.

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