America Confounds Declinists…Again
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  • Anthony

    Inclusive economic and political institutions undergird “America’s extraordinary capacity to reinvent itself.” George Mitchell’s life and innovative success exemplify virtuous circle. Institutional socio-economic patterns WRM provide basis to confound declinist (if they sincerely exist).

  • Nick M.

    “Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” -Dylan Thomas

    Which seems to be the essential US response to the Declinists.

  • Bruce

    The declinists can’t figure out how you get around a $17 trillion debt that is really $100 trillion when you count unfunded SS and Medicare liabilities. The declinists can’t figure out how you keep an economy vibrant when a private national bank with a history of horrible predictions is deciding how much un-backed money should be printed. At some point the debt and money printing changes everything – happy talk or no happy talk.

    • cubanbob

      To be blunt about it Medicare and Social Security obligations are not contractually real. Legally you have no property rights-contractual rights-to them. Hence in a legal sense they are not real obligations. This isn’t my opinion, its the opinion of the Supreme Court in Nestor.

      • Bruce

        Do you see the politicians have the courage to curtail them? Therefore, are you suggesting our debt problem is not severe? Severe enough to cause “decline?”

        • cubanbob

          In a word, yes. It’s called means-tested. That is how they will do it along with changing the COLA formula and the retirement age. By the way, do you see Congress rushing out to bail the Detroit pensioners? Canary in the coal mine indeed.

  • BrianFrankie

    Farewell to a true American entrepreneurial hero! Rest in peace, George Mitchell.
    One of the favourite books that left wing ideologues love to denigrate is Atlas Shrugged. Yet, every I meet or read about people like George Mitchell, a real life Ellis Wyatt, I am reminded about the uncanny parallels of that piece of fiction to the real world. One doesn’t have to be a Objectivist philosopher to understand that certain truths were described very well, and more people would do well to read and understand rather than disparage.

  • ljgude

    We have been too fat and happy too long – particularly our political and financial elites, but there is still that dangerous ability to reinvent ourselves. The declinists suffer from the Malthusian fallacy – that current conditions and trends will continue – and that is almost never the case. Things can get dramatically worse too – but they are almost always different than the self satisfied prophets of doom say they are. For example, Boron based Bussard Fusion, which is being quietly advanced somewhere in a desert out west could entirely change the world as we know it. Or not. It may never happen, but something else might. And it is Americans like Mitchell who, when they stand at a key nexus of opportunity and possibility, actually make things happen that otherwise might not.

  • erp617

    I guess he wasn’t the toady of the left as was his name sake in government.

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