Germans Re-Thinking "Turn" to Green Energy
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  • Atanu Maulik

    I often wonder what is it in German culture which leads to such episodic fits of collective insanity ?

    • bigfire

      Don’t be too righteous. The current green renewable trend is everywhere, even here.

      • Fred_Z

        Yeah, but the Germans don’t give up stupidity until the Red Army is in Berlin.

      • Atanu Maulik

        In case you haven’t noticed, a shale revolution is sweeping US, providing a tremendous boost to its economy. Majority of Americans somehow always manage to remain sane.

  • mathjoseph

    Any trend away from economically unsound (and therefore inherently wasteful) renewable energy schemes is a positive thing. Sustainable energy is obviously not a bad thing in itself; it’s the perversion of economic incentives involved in top-down centralized implementation that does the real damage. Let’s hope the awakening continues. The near-term future of civilization-scale energy generation is to be found in new, safer, more efficient nuclear fission reactor designs, such as the LFTR (liquid fluoride thorium reactor) developed in the 60s and 70s at Oak Ridge but mothballed by Nixon.

  • Kimmy84

    “In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan”

    Huh? Disaster?

    Did something else happen with those reactors I didn’t hear about? Someone finally die?


  • Some questions:

    1) What’s taking up the slack since the post-Fukushima shutdown of the 8 oldest nuclear plants?

    2) Is there an actual decline in power production in Germany?

    3) Are they importing more power?

    4) Any estimates on increases in the rate of conservation as prices have gone up?

    5) German photovoltaic companies may be in trouble, but that doesn’t necessarily impact deployment of PVs manufactured elsewhere. Any numbers on how German deployment rates are changing?

    6) Your previous post showed how European OECD electricity rates had increased. Best I can tell, Germany’s prices are increasing at about the average rate for OECD Europe–and there’s more heterogeneity in prices than I would have thought in so fungible a market. How do you square this with your assertion that green policy is causing prices to rise?

  • mosered

    Siemens = Solyndra: Spoofed in #climate change chapter of:

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