Houston Unseats NYC as King of Exports
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  • David Bennett

    The number one exporting state on a per capita basis…..Louisiana, by a long way.

  • Corlyss

    Go Texas!

    I can’t wait for it to pass dysfunctional California.

  • David Bennett

    Texas far surpasses California right now.

  • David Bennett

    Exports in billions
    International Trade Administration
    Texas $264.70
    California $161.90
    New York $81.40
    Washington $75.60
    Illinois $68.10
    Florida $66.20
    Louisiana $62.90
    Michigan $57.00
    Ohio $48.60
    Pennsylvania $38.80

  • Boritz

    In the late 19th century Galveston was on track to be THE Texas coastal city, then the hurricane of 1900 changed the course of history and Houston raced ahead of Galveston. Now liberal policy is putting Houston ahead of New York City. There is an analogy in there somewhere, something to do with destructive force…

  • joethefatman

    Houston is always going to be business friendly.

  • George B

    Texas has great energy infrastructure in terms of law, people, and pipelines through decades of sustained effort. Also helps that there is a lot of intrastate demand in the chemical industry near Houston. As the easy to get oil and natural gas have been used up, entrepreneurs have found new ways to get oil and natural gas out of the same land. Knowing that infrastructure exists to get oil and gas to an in-state market made all the risk and effort to get more production out of old fields and source rock pay off.

  • claudehopper

    Note how easy TAXES becomes TEXAS

  • teapartydoc

    And I-69 hasn’t even been finished yet.

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