Obama Considers Abandoning Afghanistan
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  • Jim__L

    Wouldn’t the sensible thing for us be to wait out Karzai, if he’s leaving in 2014, and support reformist candidates to replace him in the next election?

    • Andrew Allison

      Why spill one more drop of blood or spend one more dollar on this catastrophe? It was a mistake to get involved in the first place, and an even bigger one for Obama not to rectify it immediately upon assuming office.

      • Jim__L

        There is a good deal of value to making our threats of force credible — we have to use less force, that way.

        • Andrew Allison

          Agreed. But it’s a different subject to discussing what to do about the ineffectual ventures in which we are currently engaged.

  • rheddles

    Wouldn’t the sensible thing be to withdraw everybody ASAP? We should tell them did our best but they weren’t up to the job. If we come back, we won’t be nice next time.

    Afghanistan has no value or interest for the American people. It is likely to remain in the seventh century for the next fourteen. I would not want to be the one writing the letter to a mother explaining why her son died for no reason.

    • f1b0nacc1

      While I am deeply sad to agree with you here, I must do so. There are no good guys here, and there is nothing that we are going to accomplish that is worth a single scratch on a single American soldier.
      A modest suggestion: when we leave, lets leave our small arms (and a generous supply of ammo) in the hands of the women of Afghanistan. Should be fun to watch the results…

      • rheddles

        Good idea. Lots of ammo.

  • Bob_from_Ohio

    “If so, it will be difficult to explain what was gained by the surge or by five years of war under this President.”

    Not difficult at all, nothing was gained. That was apparent 4 years ago.

    Leaving a small force is useless anyways.
    Better to bomb the crap out of Kabul the day the Taliban takes it, as a warning.

    • rheddles

      It’s difficult to explain what was gained by 6 years of war under Bush as well. After we threw out the Taliban, screwed the pooch at Tora Bora, there was little left for us to do there. That’s when we should have left instead of going into nation building mode. Nation building is a chimera.

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