Grow, Baby, Grow! GMOs And the Future of Industry
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  • Vadim Pashkov

    More interesting case is another company – Joule Unlimited that using algae to produce diesel from solar energy and CO2

    • Thirdsyphon

      Agreed. Joule stands to make a preposterous amount of money if they can make their Helioculture platform deliver on its promise. Also, I prefer photosynthetic solutions to heterotrophic algae systems like Solazyme’s because of the distortion they’ll cause to agricultural markets if they ever scale up, and also because heterotrophic algae (no less than the ethanol tech that WRM rightly disdains) is dependent on petrochemical inputs in the form of fertilizer.

  • wigwag

    I have taken a tour of this company’s system. I am not competent to comment on how it compares with its competitors, but the tour was very interesting.

  • Dan King

    Hmmm. This sounds fishy to me. Solar energy, at least, uses the sun directly as an energy source. This method, apparently, uses sugar, that must be grown elsewhere. Hence this is just a biofuels scam, one step removed. I don’t see any obvious advantage to the scheme. We’re still using foodstuffs to create fuel energy.

    The GMO is not a big deal. But in this case the algae are simply converting food (sugar) into fuel. There is no free lunch here, and it does not represent revolutionary progress.

    • crocodilechuck

      Does Mead even understand that this is just a biofuels scam, rather than a photosynthesis play?

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