San Francisco Mulls Telework Mandate
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  • Boritz

    Some organizations simply have an entrenched anti-telework culture among the managers. There are a couple of reasons for this:
    Employees successfully completing assignments outside of direct management supervision is a bad indicator if you are a manager who would like to believe that your presence is essential for every micro-unit of productivity that the supervised accomplish. Might a successful telework program lead some to the conclusion that less management and fewer managers(at less cost) is a good thing for an organization? Better not to find out. The second reason is loss of power. Employees working from home have a fair amount of insulation from their managers that they don’t enjoy at the office. Many managers don’t like this one bit as it cramps their ability to perform MBWA and other in (front of) your face styles of management.
    As far as more carrot and less stick the reverse may be what is really needed for telework to take off. Government should propose truly threatening, draconian requirments for increasing mandatory telework in organizations* then back off and allow the organizations to ‘voluntarily’ implement reasonable canges.

    *The amount of paperwork required to demonstrate compliance should be arduous and produce high additional costs for the organization, of course.

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