TAI on R2P
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  • Kavanna

    Really? After all that nonsense in Iraq?

    What a joke this administration is.

    • bpuharic

      What an overreaction, typical of the right. Obama sends a few 9mm semiautos to Syria and it’s immediately seen as a failure, compared to our successful intervention in Iraq.

      The right has a patent on blinders that can’t be removed.

      • Tom

        If you think this is a few pistols…well, I have some prime farmland in the Atchafalaya for you.

  • lukelea

    As a general rule I’d like to see a stepped up reliance on coordinated trade sanctions, embargoes, access to the international monetary system, ability to fly, or even use a credit card to pressure the ruling elites in un-liberal states to abide by minimum standards of civilized conduct. A new Democratic League or League of Democratic Nations in other words, which is not easy to get into the way the UN is.

  • Pete

    Funny, but the ‘responsibility to protect’ is voiced by those who themselves do not bear or risk of the burden of protecting.

    With their wagging tongues, they are trying to foster this duty onto the shoulders of others.

  • Anthony

    Quite informative and contrasting views on R2P. Moreover, “sovereignty as control to sovereignty as responsibility in both internal functions and external duties” – even under just war theory – is extremely fluid phrase (the imperfect is our paradise – Wallace Stevens).

  • bpuharic

    I’m certainly old enough to remember when Nixon and Kissinger were hammering the USSR on human rights. Even then I was old enough (in my mid 20’s) to cynically know they didn’t give a damn about human rights, but used the concept as a tool to break the legitimacy of Soviet ideology.

    The current positioning of this administration bears a strong similarity to that. We’re not going to affect the outcome of the struggle. We can’t. It has its own dynamic, fueled by religious hatred intrinsic to Islam. But we can maintain a voice with some players in the drama.This is a long game driven by Syrians themselves where we’re just an observer.

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