Dr. Walgreens Will See You Now
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  • Andrew Allison

    “This is the constant danger of any change that makes it easier for people to get medical care: They might take advantage of it.”

    Insurance, which makes it easy for the insured to get care, is the reason that it is so costly. The solution appears to be high-deductable insurance for all (thereby making it affordable) and pay-as-you-go for routine care.

  • johnfembup

    “could actually raise overall costs if, by
    making medical care easier to access, it increased the overall use of

    This sort of observation never seems to be made when it’s “preventive care” that is under discussion.

    Yet preventive care delivered to 100% of the population might easily exceed the cost of the conditions that are discovered and treated starting earlier.

    Perhaps the potential for additional cost is not mentioned because it’s widely assumed that the additional benefit from the treatment will exceed the additional costs.

    I wonder why then, would that same assumption not be appropriate in the case of store-based clinics?

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