Chinese Company To Build Huge Canal in Nicaragua
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  • Atanu Maulik

    Perhaps China is getting tired wasting trillions on building ghost towns and shopping malls with no shops inside China. Now they want to stimulate some faraway countries. Any ways it will be within easy reach of the US navy…just in case.

    • Corlyss

      They’re tweaking us. Iran does that to Russia: building up infrastructure in Azerbaijan and other close former SSRs.

      • Atanu Maulik

        China is entangling itself fully into an US led international order. This is good and should be encouraged. This will actually make sure that China will have less of an incentive to overturn that order in some fit of insanity and in case they do try, it will be much easier for the US to give it the “German treatment”(as given to Germany in World wars). It is actually more difficult to control nations which has nothing to lose (e.g. North Korea).

  • Corlyss

    It might turn Ortega’s fortunes around and those of his cronies. It won’t do a thing for Nicaraguans, just as he’s done nothing for Nicaraguans except kill ’em.

  • Tom Chambers

    The concept of the Nicaragua Canal was raised as recently as the 1960s, because of the limitations of the Panama Canal—its locks were already too small. The idea at the time was that the US could use nuclear explosives to blast a sea-level (no locks) canal across Nicaragua. The Chinese won’t use nuclear explosives (I don’t think) but, if they can build it, ships will come.

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