Asian Governments, Businesses to Employees: Stop Using Gmail!
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  • jeburke

    Take care not to exaggerate this sort of thing in the wake of the NSA leaks. Companies,, institutions and government agencies have always preferred internal email systems.

    • ojfl

      I think you are right jeburke but this at least shows that companies should not allow themselves to be engendered by the government so much. They should keep each other at arm’s length. Clearly the relationship has become too cozy for these reactions to happen.

  • ljgude

    The best insight into Prism that I have encountered is on security expert Steve Gibson’s podcast No 408 published 12 June available at In it he credibly explains from previously published testimony and recent leaks what is probably going on. It even makes perfect sense of the word ‘prism’ in the context of surveillance. It also explains why the companies involved have probably been telling the truth when they deny that the NSA has access to their servers, and why that isn’t the point. Sic a tech savvy Intern on it WRM! I don’t think the MSM is going to get this right.

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