Libya Is the New Mali
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  • It appears that tribal and clan-based societies can only be held together by tyrants. Are there any exceptions?

  • ljgude

    As I have said before a friend of mine was working happily away for years doing exploration in southern Libya for a Houston oil company. Kadafi had been defanged and was doing good business. Now we have chaos and no oil. What were they thinking? How could Obama after seeing the unintended consequences of Bush’s overly optimistic intervention in Iraq think he could avoid unintended consequences with an at least equally idealistic agenda? Did the Euros think they could get a better deal with Kadafi gone? Now no one is doing any exploration because it is too dangerous. If they want to spread democracy or ‘dutifully’ protect somebody why don’t they go and knock over some non Muslim tyranny like…say…Zimbabwe! Oh, right, that would be colonialism and beside would displease the Chinese who are busy colonizing Zimbabwe even as we speak.

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