ACA Supporters Spin Obamacare Disaster into Good News by Cooking the Books
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  • nonotford

    No mention that Roy worked on Romney’s campaign?

  • Corlyss

    “ACA Supporters Spin Obamacare Disaster into Good News by Cooking the Books”
    Dems will do this long before they will even face the truth, never mind admit the truth to the electorate.

  • Fred

    ACA will be no problem for the Democrats. Their two main constituencies are the poor who will receive from rather than pay for Obamacare and the bi-coastal wealthy elite who can afford decent private health insurance. As usual, it is the middle class that will suffer.

  • Jim__L

    “Republicans who hate Obamacare should ask themselves what the GOP
    majority in the Senate and the House did about health care between 2001
    and 2007. Both parties share the blame for this mess; Republican
    immobility enabled bad Democratic policy.”

    Nothing? Are you joking? They passed Medicare Part D!

    The problem with Republican policy from 2001 to 2007 was it too closely resembled the Democrats’ policy, in an attempt to “own” the health care issue and shovel out money from public treasury by the tens and hundreds of billions!

    If the GOP was culpable for the financial disaster that is our health care system, especially the unfunded senior healthcare monstrosity, it’s in aping the Eurosocialist snake oil the Democrats are hawking.

  • ljgude

    For foreigners visiting the US travel Insurance costs twice as much as it does to travel to other countries because medical treatment in the US costs twice as much as it does anywhere else. Health outcomes are similar to other advanced nations, it’s the money that is totally messed up, not the medicine. I think that the things Professor Meade puts his hopes on will help – technology, competition etc. But 8 to 9% of US GDP is a lot of money and it wont be easy to pry those snouts out of the trough. Yessiree, Them’s powerful hawgs with congressional connections, ladies and gentlemen! I see a few ways to go here. Keep feeding ‘en until the system collapses, put the tea party in power to shoot the hawgs, or figure out a way to disintermediate as much of current healthcare as possible and put it out of business.That last one is a tricky proposition but could be done along the lines of the Portland MDs mentioned here recently that cut out the insurance companies. Or outsource where possible to places like India or better yet hospitals close by in central America who will provide treatment at a competitive cost. its a start.

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