EU Lifts Syrian Arms Embargo. Why Are The Russians So Livid?
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  • Anthony

    Your lastest Quick Take brings to mind that arm manufacturers and profiteers make money globally no matter who combatants are or their regional/state differences. You’re correct it is never a good time to be a civilian when heavy arms are being trafficked in war torn areas.

  • Rather than idly standing around wetting their pants awaiting Assad to diver himself to their courts and jails (at best; a noose like saddam’s at worst, and rather than sending arms to enable yet more killing as they await assad’s seeing the light to cause him to walk peacefully into the arms of those who want him in The Hague, how about this: Britain, France & America each losses the ability to insert a sniper team to suck him deniably, and each losses the capability to drop a JDAM on his head. Rather than pretending to care about civilians they help murder by not stopping Assad, rather than pulling up their diapers awaiting his agreement to trial at the ICC, why not act the adult? Rather than continue to at this game of immaculate conception of a peaceful Syria? The role of Great Powers is to keep the peace. Assassinate him or stop comaining. Are their just no adults left in the West? None?

  • Corlyss

    “So why are the Russians so bent out of shape?”

    Well, the last time there was a war between US and Russian proxies (Gulf 91), Russian weaponolgy was left a smoking ruin in the dessert. That turned out to be a bad thing for the west because China had just invested a bunch of money in Russian weapons. They saw their money melted into the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sands. From that moment, they began systematically proliferating nuclear technology thru their puppets in NoKor.

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