Chinese Hacking Is Much Worse Than We Knew
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  • Anthony

    I just read report in Washington Post and it ties most to defense contractors and sub contractors; better methods to protect our weapon designs from internet cyperhacking ought to be nonpartisan priority.

  • I will never forget when President Billary Clintons made China “most favored nation” in the 1990’s. That and the Blue Dress is where I trace back the beginning of our end.

  • AnnSaltzafrazz

    Why are these computers attached to the internet? Shouldn’t they be isolated and insulated?

  • Atanu Maulik

    All these reports about the effects of Chinese hacking are grossly exaggerated. Stealing the details of weapons systems are not quite like stealing a purse. These things are way too complicated. A modern system involves tens of millions of lines of code, takes thousands of the world’s best engineers decades to develop. Even you give it to the Chinese for free on a pendrive, by the time the Chinese were able to digest and copy it, US will move on to the next generation of weapons system.

    • It’s still a enormous leap up from their current military hardware, and “last year’s cutting edge” is still enormously valuable.

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