Will Love of Beer Give Germany a Green Hangover?
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  • Corlyss

    Germans’ recent energy decisions puzzle. All the ones I’ve heard about seem to reject, on ideological bases, policies that would make them independent of Russia and the Arabs. It’s as if they believed settled thralldom was preferable to unsettling opportunities. Is this where Americans too will end up? Accepting decline under familiar Blue model regimes to freedom? I shudder at the prospect.

  • James Jones

    Corlyss, you just lack the enlightened perspective necessary to appreciate the overwhelming moral case for leaving yourself and your nation vulnerable to potential/actual enemies. A victim is always morally superior to a victor. Vulnerability and dependence are always morally superior to security and independence.

    These eternal truths are doubly true for any Western European nation. They have evolved to a post-historical phase in which no nation or group of nations would even consider using their control of critical natural resources to compel concessions or extort exorbitant payments for access to those critical resources.

    How dare you insult the Russians and the Arabs by implying that they are any less enlightened than the Germans? For shame, sir, for shame!
    /snark off

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