Gay Boy Scouts: Individualism Beats Christianism, Again
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  • rheddles

    A deep game indeed.

    The gay issue appears diffused.

    But what people do not appreciate is that the Boy Scouts of America is a franchise operation. The sponsoring organization (usually a church) is really in charge of and can control the troop. When the troop has problems, the BSA is no where to be found and the sponsoring organization is left to deal with the problem. This means that large centralized sponsors will be able to exert far more control over what Scouting actually is at the troop level.

    As the Protestant establishment has lost its primary position in the country, become more liberal and childless, Scouting has become a more peripheral activity detached from the church’s mission. Scouting will be captured by the sponsors who through organizational exclusivity can deal with these issues at the sponsoring organization level instead of the national level.

    The way to look at it is to think about what McDonald’s would be like if 60% of the restaurants were owned by two franchisees and none of the other franchisees owned more than 2% of the restaurants. You won’t find Chicken McNuggets at 60% of the restaurants. And if you insist on them, you’ll have to wait for them to be defrosted while everybody else in line stares at you.

  • Individualism? No, this isn’t a triumph of individualism, it’s a triumph of the new government backed conformism. They were bullied into this decision.

    • jeburke

      The bullying won’t end there either. The BSA will be badgered, sued, condemned and pressured until it permits gay scoutmasters and not only that, married same sex partners parading around at Scout camps arm in arm and “counseling” for for “confused” teen Scouts.

      What Mead and many others have failed to grasp is that gay advocacy is no longer about acceptance, understanding, tolerance or invidious discrimination in civil or business life. By and large, all that has been achieved — not uniformly in every nook and cranny of the nation, to be sure, but generally, firmly and irreversibly.

      The goal now is approval, not mere acceptance. It is no longer necessary to reject or disparage gays to be dubbed a “hater.” It is enough to decline to approve homosexuality as equally valid with heterosexuality. If Seinfeld were still on, it would no longer be enough for the characters to say, “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” They would have to say, “Gay? Gee that’s so cool.”

      This cannot end well.

  • Pete

    “But the BSA’s remarkable transformation is worth noting, if only for what it says about how American society is continuing to evolve.”

    Correction. The word ‘evolving’ implies more than a change. Its connotation is an advancement to a higher, better form.

    The acceptance of homosexuality does not elevate society; it degrades and lowers it.

  • Group think is alive and well, as another author recently put it:

    If the old Puritanism was the fear that somebody somewhere might be enjoying themselves, the new Puritanism is the fear that somebody somewhere might be holding a dissenting opinion.

    True individualism is tolerance and would see political groups leaving certain organizations alone despite disagreeing with their beliefs. On the issue of homosexuality, conformism trumps individualism.

    Tolerance is dead. Unless you walk lock-step with the progressive agenda, you will be oppressed.

  • des111168

    Individualism? Really? Not even close.

  • Jim Luebke

    If anyone is looking for social cohesion — particularly, enough social cohesion to maintain Great Society programs (to say nothing of expanding them), the “great tide of individualism” can’t help but do more damage than Sandy’s storm surge.

    You can’t have a society where no one is responsible *to* anyone else, yet everyone is responsible *for* everyone else.

    The people with the means to be responsible for others will just cease their support, and government will be unable (thank goodness) to step in to force that support.

    This is where the center stops holding, and things fall apart.

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