Forget Iraq—Syria Is Turning Into Spain
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  • rheddles

    Had the United States, beyond the Lincoln Brigade, intervened in the Spanish Civil War, how would things have turned out differently or better? The occupation of the Rhineland, certainly. But it is hard to imagine how our involvement in Spain would have helped. So let’s stay out or figure out who the real source of the problem is and deal with it directly. (And the Rhineland chance for that was in 1994.)

    • Corlyss

      “who the real source of the problem is and deal with it directly.”

      Regrettably last year he won re-election against insurmountable odds.

      • rheddles


  • Corlyss

    “International jihadis will gain experience and contacts with their fellows from all over the world. New networks of funders will be established, and many more people will come to understand how to smuggle arms and explosives across international frontiers, how to exploit the holes in the international banking system, and otherwise get a practical training in the craft of jihad.”
    Did WRM miss POTUS’ announcement that the GWT was finished? It ended when he personally killed UBL. Why, he reminded us just yesterday with the address at the NDU that he won what Bush couldn’t and so we should shut up about jihad and terrorism from disaffected Muslims and start looking for the real sources of destabilization, i.e., radicalized returning vets, racist American militias, and Tea Party Patriots. Too bad O can’t run for office again, although I know some who say that’s not outside the possibility. I mean, he’s managed to ignore and delegitimize so much of the constitution, why not another amendment. Kudlow quipped the other night that at last a Obama administration official finally found an amendment they liked: the 5th.

  • Fence-in the ENTIRE muslim world and keep them away from civilization until they grow-up.

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