Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan: A New Age Dawns or More of the Same?
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  • bigfire

    I have zero expectation that things will improved there. So as long as ISI is still running the things, nothing will change.

  • wigwag

    Vali Nasr in his new book, “The Dispensible Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat” excoriates his former colleagues in the Obama Administration for giving up on Pakistan. He acknowledges how troublesome Pakistan is, but he says that the Administration’s decision to throw up its hands in disgust is a strategic error that is likely to have profoundly negative results in the long run. Nasr claims that he and his old boss, the late Ambassador Holbrooke were beginning to make some progress in Pakistan that the foreign policy neophytes working in the Obama White House short circuited.

    Hearing Professor Mead’s take on Nasr’s allegations about the Obama Administration and Pakistani imbroglio would be very interesting.

  • Anthony

    Pakistan remains problematic both domestically and viewed through foreign policy lens; yet, one must acknowledge that Pakistanis voted for a democratic transition fron one civiluan government to another (1st since creation in 1947). Still, societies are patterned on instutional structures composing its framework (inclusive or exclusive) and Pakistan’s institutional arrangements (Military/ISI) have change little with Sharif’s election – but this is a third opportunity for Nawaz Sharif….

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