Obamacare Slowing Job Growth, at Least for Now
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  • “this data raises some major red flags.”
    Fear not! The Obama people will ignore them all.

  • skhpcola

    “Fifty-two percent said the ACA will reduce the quality of the healthcare
    they and their employees receive, while 55 percent believe the ACA will
    raise the amount the business will pay for healthcare.”

    And 48% and 45%, respectively, are partisan tools that are in for some eye-opening reality. The folks most gung-ho about this travesty are the ones that believe that they are going to have “free” healthcare and/or health insurance. The facts will sorely disappoint them. That’s why the scheme of this farce is suspect…there will be clamoring from leeches of society for government to “fix it!!1!” after the first couple of years. That’s when the game is over and we’re all screwed.

  • For people that think jobs are a human right, democrats sure make it hard to create jobs.

  • It is not panic. It’s structural. The ACA disfavors employees working over 30 hours, or businesses with 50 or more employees. It is badly drafted and will have serious, pernicious effects.

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