It’s Raining Salt! Hallelujah!
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  • Anthony

    Yeah Professor, I’m not so sure about his. You should do more research before posting stuff like this. For people with Hypertension that are salt sensitive, cutting back on it can make a big difference.

    • Tom

      What about the rest of us?

  • JT

    One of the bigger items I see is people mentioning they cut salt all but out of their diet, and yet their blood pressure didn’t drop.

    One of the better ways to drop blood pressure from what I’ve seen is limiting carbohydrates.

    • wigwag

      Bingo!!! Read Gary Taubes incredible book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” Salt is not the demon it’s cracked up to be for hypertension. High intake of dietary fat, even of the supposedly bad saturated variety, isn’t nearly as related to coronary artery disease as public health advocates have been saying for decades.

      The idea that salt and dietary fat are killing us; it’s been a big fat lie.

  • Anthony

    Key phrase WRM: simple models attempting to correlate countless variables can fit model to expected outcome – empirical replication.

  • You forgot the required second blurb: Salt Doesn’t Matter – Big City Mayors and Nanny-Statists Most Affected.

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