Georgia Tech Takes MOOCs to the Next Level
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  • skhpcola

    I thoroughly enjoy your writing, but this:

    “For a mere $7,000 dollars—six times less than the cost of the equivalent program…”

    is nonsense. Six times less than a positive number is a negative number five times larger than the original number. For example:

    3-(6×3) = -15

    One time less than a number is zero.

    I think that what you mean to say is that $7,000 is 1/6th of the equivalent program.

    • Andy Iacobucci

      Noted and fixed, thanks!

  • Well, as a prospective comp. sci. major (who already has a degree in history), this bodes well for me. It’s still a toss-up whether or not even a STEM degree will get me stable employment.

  • WilliamK

    It should not be about admission requirements but how one performs in the coursework.

  • teapartydoc

    This is only the beginning of a long revolution. The end point will be free content and payment for testing and credentialing.

  • Jim Luebke

    My church introduced this year’s crop of confirmands today. Among them was a student who had watched each class on YouTube, and undergone a 100-minute in-person examination, which could probably have been done by teleconference. This, from a church that takes its confirmation classes very seriously.

    Online courses just make sense.

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