College Grads: Heads Up!
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  • zerohedge writes: “A livelihood with day-to-day low-level insecurity and volatility is actually far more stable and secure than the cartel-state one that claims to be guaranteed.”

    That which is untenable, doesn’t last long. And the situation described above is as untenable as it gets.

  • Anthony

    “The economy has changed in structural ways; preparing for the old economy is a sure path to disappointment” – nothing new here. Although use of cartel-state economy may be interchangable with Blue Model Fordist economy. Both speak to attempts to explain cynicism and despair about many of our institutional failures – wide spread feeling that something isn’t right.

  • Jim Luebke

    “The economy can only support a certain number of jobs in any one field.
    Producing 10 times as many graduates in that field does not create 10
    times more jobs.”

    That depends greatly on how entrepreneurial the graduates are.

    College degrees ought to require a business class or two — “Starting your own business” — to graduate.

  • Anthony

    And Professor Mead wonders why so few young people are having children. If this article describes the future, the sensible choice is to not have children, since even educated parents won’t be able to know if they will be employed over the course of their child’s life. This dystopian future is why millennials will continue to vote for the Democrats, who at least rhetorically acknowledge the pain of the middle class.

    • Jim Luebke

      How about: Encouraging strong and stable marriages for parents, so if one parent is out of a job there’s a good chance the other isn’t. (This already happens)

      The Democrats’ side of the culture war ranges from militantly against married parents, to completely indifferent to this foundational institution.

      Their rhetoric does no one any good.

  • Anthony

    Millennials, progeny, dytopia, ongoing party affialiation, and employment encapsulated in College Grads – Wow.

  • college grads should forget the dream of stable, long-term jobs in the education, health care, or public sector . . .”

    Not sure about the public sector in general but the future of employment in education and health care looks bright. It’s just the pay that may not be stable.

  • lasveraneras

    Wow! WRM, from the most center of the center-left, meets the hyper-kinetic, anarcho-capitalist global finance website Zerohedge. One might of thought the result would be something like matter meeting anti-matter. But no, all apparently survived the encounter. Hats off to WRM for his willingness to pursue useful information from wide ranging sources.

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