Himalayan Standoff Continues As Nationalism Rises Across Asia
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  • Anthony

    Gordon Chang has related article (China’s Militant Nationalism) worthy of look for interested readers.

  • qet

    If the Chinese military has occupied (even with only a handful of troops) territory that unequivocally belongs to India (Via Meadia and the Zee Times are unclear whether China is on a patch of “disputed” ground or is on clearly Indian ground), then India ought to evict them forcibly. Yes, that sounds like warmongering and it is very easy to say from my armchair, but if India lets this pass then it will be only the first in a series of such actions by China, whereas some ugliness now might well stave off more massive ugliness later.

    • Bob_from_Ohio

      Just like the French in the Rhineland.

      The area is a lot closer to Indian power centers than Chinese ones. India should have the advantage in any limited confrontation.

  • Sounds a little like pre-WWI. With China playing the part of Germany. Is Xi the new Kaiser?

    • Bob_from_Ohio

      More like pre-World War II with Xi the new you know who.

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