Treasury Department Targets Global Drug Cartel, Hezbollah
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  • Yet another reason to end the war on drugs…and the ten billionth reason the EU should blacklist Hezbo.

  • Didn’t I read a couple of months back that major US banks were guilty of aiding and abetting these kinds of criminal activity? Secret bank accounts, off-shore tax havens, shell corporations — these perfectly legally practices may help the super-wealthy shelter or even conceal (no!) their incomes from the tax collector, but they also enable international criminal organizations to operate. Maybe it’s time the US and its major European allies no longer tolerated secret banks accounts, off-shore tax havens, and shell corporations. The price is too high.

  • J R Yankovic

    Great fun – and on target as usual re those noble protectors of helpless Arabs (quick quick: name the one historical ethnic group that’s been more oppressed than the Arabs. You guessed it – the Chinese!) against the merciless fascist predator colonialist Israeli state.

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