Bullish on Technology
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  • Anthony

    Two days ago, Matthew Yglesias also wrote that the STEM worker shortage is a myth. This perspective is contrary to what Professor Mead has been saying lately.

  • qet

    Yglesias’ comparison to book manufacturing is interesting. There can be no doubt that the proliferation of knowledge throughout the world resulting from the proliferation of books, even in the 20th century, was “transformational” of every industry, every area of human endeavor. But its operation, and therefore its transformational effect, was (and remains) diffuse and indirect, and for that reason unmeasurable and only vaguely and generally estimable. Like books, the IT revolution is a revolution in the disseminaton of information, not its creation; it is not comparable to the steam engine, cotton gin or transistor; it is not comparable to installing robotic assembly machines on the factory floor. Scrutinizing particular industries for evidence of transformation correlated strongly and specifically to advances in IT alone is looking in the wrong place.

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