Disillusioned Iraqis Vote amid Widening Sectarian Divide
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  • Andrew Allison

    “All the educated people didn’t go.” Hmmm.
    “Many Iraqis are dissatisfied with sectarianism but when it comes to voting they have no other choice. They’re fearful of the other side dominating.” This a reason for not voting? This is really facile reporting. Is the reason that the turnout is so low that, “Two large Sunni-majority provinces in western Iraq were prevented from voting . . .” Or that only Sunni’s voted, etc., etc.
    Surely the issue here is that the US allowed itself to get mixed up in a region-wide religious war between two branches of Islam, only one of which wants to destroy us?

  • SF Dude

    Word is Maureen Dowd gave some kick a** advice to those up and coming nationalist Shiite parties, who took heed and will soon be seating their pols…

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