The Great Bipartisan Health Care Lie Comes Home to Roost
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  • Anthony

    See George Halvorson: “Health Care Will Not Reform Itself.”

  • Andrew Allison

    Surely it’s obvious:
    a. That Medicare/Medicaid are unsustainable.
    b. The difference between what the taxpayers can afford and what it costs must come out of the hides of providers and recipients. Unless of course we deal with the farcical situation that less than half of private insurance premia are actually spent on care.

  • Lorenz Gude

    @Andrew Allison Yes, that one half situation is significant. Overall the US spends about twice as much on health care as what other countries spend as a percentage of GDP for essentially the same outcomes. Australia where I live spends 8.5%, the US 16% capped by the Obamacare legislation to 17% by 2017. An recent article in Time entitled Bitter Pill explains it in painful detail. The thing that gob smacked me is that the medical industry spends more lobbying Congress than the notorious defense industry.

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