What Happens If Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Fails?
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  • The Abrahamic religions have been around for over 2000 years . . . . A post-Islamic world seems rather unlikely. Perhaps we should hope rather for a de-radicalized Islam, although its history makes this unlikely.

    • Bill_Woods

      Well, he didn’t say a “post-Islamic world”, but a “post-Islamism world”.

  • rheddles

    I see something solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short in the future of much of the Middle East.

  • I’ve never been to Egypt. I imagine regular Egyptians as rather fatalistic and/or down to earth people. But Egyptian politics, like in the entire middle east, is completely nuts… It’s a big drama, but nothing ever profoundly changes, like “The Sopranos”. Maybe after the Brotherhood’s brothers had their try, Egyptians will just put an end to all the monkey-business in their everyday politics? Like, “All right, we’re screwed, but let’s just straighten things out, sober up for once and make the best of it” But then again, they seem to enjoy the big drama…

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