Iraq Antsy as Syria Boils Over
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  • ojfl

    Also, the failure to negotiate an SFA with Iraq may have left them unprepared to deal with an insurgency-like spillover. Let us hope I am wrong.

  • I can claim exactly zero expertise in this matter, but increasingly it seems to me that the borders drawn by the victorious Western powers after the defeat of Ottoman Turkey in 1918 and parcelled out to post-colonial regimes after 1945 are going to have to change at some point. The frontiers separating Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and for that matter, the smaller Gulf states, Yemen and Egypt are entirely arbitrary. It’s easy to see why the division of “Palestine” into Jordan, Israel and a rump Palestinian territory is a source of relentless conflict. It should be easy, though it’s not, to admit that Kurds should have a state, and Arab Christians should have someplace to go besides Michigan. While we’re at it, why not further divide Iraq or Syria? I’m encouraged by the recent independence of South Sudan. Perhaps it breaks the logjam keeping colonial borders sacrosanct (while Europe’s borders were redrawn both peacefully and by force of arms since the Soviet collaose).

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