Union Bosses Living Large
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  • Anthony

    Quick Take brings to mind John W. Gardner’s “today our leaders in all segments and at all levels of our society work more or less exclusively for the good of their own segment” – sometimes fattening up on the deference of their own little circle.

    Quality of leadership inures to it constituent base generally (rank and file followers may invite good or bad leadership at higher levels). “And it is no doubt true that we generally get the leadership we deserve. Good constituents tend to produce good leaders.”

  • Rob

    Good jobs at good wages!

  • Eurydice

    I guess I would ask, “what have been the results of this 10-year Federal investigation?”

  • Kenny

    One of the root cause of corruption like this is that there are still 27-states that are not right-to-work.

    Without RTW, a good portion of a union’s membership is held captive with union dues squeezed out of the reluctant every paycheck. This gives the union bosses a free hand to 1) enrich themselves at the union’s expense and often 2) engage in leftwing politics against the will of many of their their members.

    Forced union membership is inherently immoral.

  • Jim.

    Wait, are the pigs walking on two legs now?

    I thought “Two legs bad”….

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