Chinese Official Flees with $30 Million
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  • BobJustBob

    You didn’t think that they were real Communists and Socialists did you?

    It’s just a show for the rubes…

  • Luke Lea

    So do they enrich America or not when they come here? If they knew they couldn’t flee with their wealth (mostly ill-gotten) would they be a force for reform at home? It is all about the insecurity of property I think.

  • Corlyss

    Well! There’s the last True Believers in Communism for ya! What happened to the good ol’ days when the transgressors against the Peoples’ Revolution were stood up against a wall and shot? Have they gotten soft?

  • MichaelM

    Say what you will about the wealthy and powerful in America, but at least they’re not this bad.

    This amount of money would have paid the wages of a thousand Chinese factory workers for a year.

    That’s disgusting. If this man makes it to the US he should be immediately put on a plane back to a PRC with an envelope with a single bullet in it and a note saying, “We think you know what to do”.

  • Jim.

    So what’s the strategy here? Convince the masses that yamen corruption proves the regime has lost the Mandate of Heaven? Or do we have to wait until the flood control starts failing?

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