EU Still Hairsplitting On Hezbollah
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  • Cunctator

    There is another factor to consider as well. It is that the EU countries might well view their financial support of Hezbollah as a form of tribute, buying the terrorist group’s promise (implicit or perhaps explicit, though by secret channels) not to launchy attacks within EU countries. It would not be the first time in Europe’s history that it bought off jihadists (viz., the Barbary Pirates).

    I do not think any explanation is beyond the pale whenever the EU is involved.

  • Kris

    I shall be petitioning the Supreme Court to have the FBI remove me from its “Ten Most Wanted” list. Sure I’ve robbed a series of banks, but that’s such a small part of who I am! I’m also a parent of two children, a part-time carpenter, a blogger, the bass player of an amateur band, a big football fan, … I deeply resent the FBI’s one-dimensional and indeed fallacious characterization of me!

  • betims

    I have an idea……let’s increase Mohammedan immigration into the USA, so they can set up mosques as political centers of power. No wait, we already increased their immigration ever since 9/11/2001.

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