Indian Manufacturing: The Boom Begins
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  • “As the Economist notes, no major country has grown rich without a large manufacturing base.”

    . . . though plenty of countries have somehow managed to remain rich – and even get vastly richer! – only by eviscerating it.

    Sorry. I was just imagining normal “Economist” thought-processes proceeding through a rare intersection of self-honesty. Where were we?

    “But there is still much to be done to improve infrastructure, especially electricity networks, before India becomes the ‘workshop of the world.’ It’s unlikely that export-oriented manufacturing can take India as far and as fast as it took early adopters like Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, but doing its best to be a major manufacturing powerhouse is the most important next step that India can take on the road to full emergence as a global power.”

    Agreed. Though frankly I’d be uproariously happy if India became the workshop of Pakistan. As I’ve often said, I tend to doubt the Power of the Iron Laws of Economic Interdependence to Pacify the World (de-democratize it, maybe – which I suppose just MIGHT come down eventually to the same thing . . .). Yet I also find a delicious poetic justice in the following thought: Imagine more and more righteous Pakis – those same pure souls whose free-enterprise credentials had been confirmed by whole generations of US military, CIA and other officials – living in terror and awe of the entrepreneurial skills of a bunch of infidels just over the border. Much as we Yanks were once exhorted both to fear and and to measure ourselves by those clever mainland Chinese. I mean, if godless – or worse, pagan – Indians can do it, why can’t Allah’s Very Own Pakistanis? Might even a rationally secular India – as opposed to one which blank-checks Hinduist fanaticism – become exactly the sort of country far more worth joining, by farsighted Muslims, than trying to beat?

  • Kris

    “Indian labour is dirt cheap”. And even in such an environment, use of robots is increasing. I think I hear John Henry hammering on his coffin lid.

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