Hollande Falters in France, German Left Likes What It Sees
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  • Kevin

    A wealth tax is much different from an income tax in that it relentlessly comes after the same money every year.

  • Kris

    But at least they are rid of that horrid Sarkozy!

    [/sarc] (Or rather, [/sark].)

    [email protected], I believe that in technical terms, a wealth tax refers to a one-time-only levy. Otherwise, it is known as a stupidity-tax.

  • just as a point of clarification, I wouldn’t assume that the 54% of Figaro readers = 50%+ of French voters.
    As mentioned, Le Figaro’s readership is center-right. I would add, mostly Parisian/Francilian, mostly upper-middle to upper class, and mostly voted for the UMP (or for centrists). Bien sûr, they wouldn’t approve of Hollande’s performance!
    Also, aside from the Roma who were recently kicked out of France by the police, I don’t know what this mass exodus whereof one speaks
    is. Maybe its coming, ie maybe the tax-averse will move their assets abroad. But as for very wealthy persons moving en masse abroad? I seriously doubt it.

  • oops. I see my mistake. It was an Ifop survey for Le Figaro, not a survey of readers. My bad.

  • Harry Bergeron

    This says more about the French mentality than it does about Hollande.

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