China Trade Slows Considerably
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  • Jim.

    Centrally directed stimulus isn’t the answer.

    Allowing people the economic freedom to start businesses locally, seeing needs and filling needs, is the answer.

    Decision-makers simply can’t be divorced from knowledge of local conditions. Look around you at the mall sometime. See those “Hollister, California” t-shirts? See the ones that celebrate the “Hollister Surf Club”? Guys… Hollister is inland. It’s a farming village, right next to “Garlic capital of the world” Gilroy.

    But people a thousand miles away– or even a hundred miles away– don’t seem to realize that, and wear the shirts as if the place was Hermosa Beach.

    Local awareness, local decision-makers… nothing beats it.

  • @ Jim.:

    I praise our extraordinary techo-literacy – or techno-dependence, depending on your bias – which enables us to think in ways that not only transcend space, but make traditional forms of spatial and geographic knowledge irrelevant. “Hollister Surf Club” sounds really cool. So who cares whether Hollister is miles from the ocean? Where is the glory of cybercommerce if we can’t make a geography to suit our fancy, convenience and profit? As for whether that same progress is “making” us ignorant of knowledge former generations took for granted, what better way to COMPEL advance to the next level than by kicking away the ladder that led to the present tier?

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