The Mesopotamian Game of Thrones
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  • Kris

    “The Turkish consulate is so eager to boost trade it has been known to issue visas even in the middle of the night to help local businessmen traveling to Turkey on short notice.”

    I am glad you resisted the nigh-overwhelming temptation to call this program “Midnight Express”; I would have hated to lose you to Article 301.

  • thibaud

    Another excellent post within Mead’s area of expertise. Well done.

    Re 6000 years, an interesting dynamic map that shows patterns of conquest across the middle east throughout recorded history:

  • Lea Luke

    “The Mesopotamian Game of Thrones continues — much as it has for the last 6000 years.”

  • Corlyss

    Geography is destiny.

  • Turks as Hittites: works for me 🙂

  • Peter

    Dear Mr. Mead: I enjoy your blog. Thank you. Could you please write an article about why the world does not give the Kurdish people their own state? I know the obvious issues, such as Turkey opposing it. But why shouldn’t the Kurds have their own state in northern Syria and part of Iraq? Why is so much of the world united around a Palestinian state but silent as to a Kurdish one? Thanks!

  • Michael K

    “Why is so much of the world united around a Palestinian state but silent as to a Kurdish one?”

    Because most of the world hates Jews. Regarding the first question. You answered it. The Turks will not tolerate any independent Kurdish state that would serve as a base for Kurdish irredentism. The Serbs got their own state after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. But they wanted to incorporate all the areas with Serbs into one state. The Serbian state supported terrorism in Bosnia-Herzegovina igniting the Great War. The Serbian state with the dissolution of Yugoslavia gave active support of Serbe elements in the Bosnian civil war.

  • Sam L.

    Iranians aren’t big on commercial enterprises, are they?

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