Infrastructure Stimulus Hits Snag In California
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  • JJ

    Er, I think you mean $700 million, not billion.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @JJ: the floggings have begun.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “In a state where nothing is ever shovel-ready, infrastructure Keynesianism is dead.”

    Keynesianism was always dead; all government spending is a burden on the economy and in a mature economy like America’s where we already have a completely modern infrastructure, how much economic benefit is there from infrastructure projects? $700 million would pay for 7,000 – $100,000 per year tax paying jobs if that money was left in the economy.

    America can’t afford these boondoggles; we need to milk the infrastructure we already have, spending only the minimum necessary to maintain those with cost effective economic benefits.

  • pashley1411

    You are considering something a bug, when its a feature.

    The objective to spend as much money on the “thinking” professions; the government bureaucracy, lawyers, special interests; so any money leaking down to hardhats and an actual project a waste.

    And should come as no surpise. Think Dickens in “Bleak House”. Actually resolving an estate in court is beside the point; the game is to fritter out the estate for attorney’s fees until the estate is wasted away.

    The bureaucracy and various interests have perfected this with government grant money.

  • John Barker


    I think 700 billion will be the final cost.

  • Rand Millar

    As per Prof. Mead’s occasional references to in-house disciplinary proceedings, might the atmosphere in the mill he runs be comparable to life in the one operated by Alexandre Dumas in the mid-19th century? Might such goings-on fairly be the inspiration for a neo-Dickensian novel?

  • Eurydice

    Maybe they should start looking under the sofa cushions – the California park system just found $54 million there.

  • Paul Krugman


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